No one likes mosquitos. These blood-sucking insects are most prevalent in the summer, ruining your barbecues, pool parties, and camping trips with painful welts that swell, itch, and take days or weeks to go down. While there are plenty of sprays, creams, and even candles on the market that aim to temper the wrath of Georgia’s least favorite summer friend, most of these are only temporary measures. The mosquitos may stop biting for now, but they’re still out there.

If you want to get rid of mosquitos once and for all, pest control is a must. Contact Triple Guard Pest Control today for mosquito prevention you can trust.

Why Mosquito Yard Treatment Matters

Mosquitos may seem like a minor summer annoyance, but in reality, they’re much worse. As carriers of discomfort and disease, mosquitos play no role in an enjoyable summer outing.

Mosquitos are very common in warm, humid weather. They breed in stagnant standing water with no size or depth requirement; even a dog bowl, a birdbath, or still water in the gutter or sewer can lead to mosquito development. In fact, an area the size of a single bottle cap can accommodate up to 100 mosquito eggs. A mosquito can lay thousands of eggs a month, leading to a problem that can spiral out of control without proper care. Mosquitos are attracted to humans due to the high iron content in our blood. Female mosquitos require high iron levels to reproduce, making you an appealing snack.

For most people, mosquitos are primarily a source of painful welts, but in some cases, they can be much more dangerous. A standard mosquito bite causes swelling, an itchy sensation, and redness, but some are significantly worse. Mosquitos can carry diseases that affect humans, including Zika and West Nile. These conditions are deeply serious and require professional medical care to treat, creating potentially dangerous problems in just one bite.

Mosquito Care You Can Count On

Georgia is known for its mild winters and scorching hot summers. Unfortunately, that means mosquitos are around for a significant portion of the year.

Whether you like to host parties in your backyard or own an outdoor recreation area that can’t risk significant mosquito exposure, professional exterminators can help you keep your summers beautiful and bug-free. Our team is highly qualified to address even the largest mosquito problems, using treatments that eliminate the mosquitos present and create a protective barrier against future challenges. This isn’t always easy – outdoor areas, unlike home or business interiors, don’t benefit from barriers like walls and doors – but with our expertise, it’s possible to keep your property safe all season long.

If you are struggling with a mosquito population or are located near stagnant water that’s outside of your control, the right help is just a phone call away. Triple Guard Pest Control can provide treatment against even the largest bug problems plaguing your summer, keeping your yard at its very best. Contact us today to get a quote from the mosquito control Conyers GA knows and trusts. With affordable rates and expert services, we’re always here for you.

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