Rodents are a pesky problem no homeowner or business owner wants to see. However, taming a rodent problem without professional assistance can be a true challenge, leaving you to fight fruitlessly against an invasion of unwanted furry guests.

If you want to ensure your rodent problems are no more, the right rodent removal company can make all the difference. Contact Triple Guard Pest Control and let us show you what our team has in store.

Expert Rodent Exterminators

When you’re seeking the best rodent removal Conyers GA has to offer, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of residents in the greater area experience rodent infestation, putting families at risk of disease and homes at risk of property damage. When you want to address these challenges quickly and easily, our team is ready to make a difference.

In general, rodent problems come in two general forms: rats and mice.

Identifying a Pest Problem

Rats and mice are rarely friends with humans. They tend to live away, in the walls or in dark crevices and cracks where you can’t see them. However, they usually leave signs behind. Droppings are often the first sign of a problem, and look like small pellets on the floor or inside of cupboards. If rodent droppings are present, this can indicate where a nest is located, as many rats and mice stay close to home when not on the hunt for food. Never pick up droppings without protective gear; rodents can carry diseases that are dangerous to humans.

Mice vs. Rats

In many ways, mice and rats are similar. They are both small, furry mammals with an affinity for cereal and other dried foods, but there are several key differences of which you should be aware. Mice are smaller and more curious, making trapping them easier. They generally stay closer to their nests when searching for food, venturing an average radius of 10 to 30 feet. Mice are good climbers, and are frequently found in attics and higher spaces in the home.

Rats, on the other hand, are larger, smarter, and are more likely to carry diseases that are dangerous to humans, like salmonellosis, trichinosis, Lyme disease, and rat-bite fever. They are bolder than their smaller counterparts, often traveling 100 feet or more in search of food. They are harder to trap, and prefer basements and low areas.

Expert Mouse and Rat Exterminator

When you see signs of unwanted rodents in your home, a call to an exterminator is essential. Triple Guard Pest Control can help with rodent infestations of all shapes and sizes, working to identify the nature of your issue and create a customized approach to treatment. As the rodent control Conyers GA knows and loves, you can always count on us to help banish mice and rats for good.

If you’re seeking rodent control near me, our top-rated rodent exterminator can help you tame even the most serious problems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make quick work of rats and mice on your property.

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