Termites are among the most challenging forms of pest infestation, creating an imposition that is both disgusting and dangerous. Termites, while unsightly, are far more hazardous for your home than you, chewing up wood and destroying your ceilings, floors, and furniture. Alarmingly, these small pests can live virtually unseen within the walls of your home, causing damage without you even knowing it.

If you see signs of termite damage in your home or are worried about the potential of property damage, Triple Guard Pest Control can help you get rid of your destructive invaders for good. With the termite treatment Conyers GA can trust, there’s no one better to address your pest control needs.

Termite Dangers

Termites may look benign, but they can actually cause a significant amount of damage. Across the United States, termites are responsible for millions in damage each year, destroying homes, businesses, furniture, decks, and more. While it’s uncommon for termites to do something like bring down a building, it is possible for them to do irreparable – or extremely costly – damage to your walls, floors, or foundation. Further, termites rarely travel alone, so seeing a single termite is often indicative of hundreds or even thousands of termites on your property. As such, if you suspect termites, it’s important to contact a termite exterminator as soon as possible.

Signs of Termites

Termites often hide within the walls of your home, making it hard to spot problems before it’s too late. This can be extremely disconcerting for homeowners, especially for those who are worried about the potential for termites. Even if you don’t see live bugs, there are still ways you can identify the presence of a termite colony on your property, including:

  • Termite shelter tubes or subterranean tunnels
  • Blowholes in trees
  • Earthen packing around trees or the home
  • Termite noises and wood excavation
  • Termite droppings or termite wings on the ground around the home
  • Hollow wood and sagging floors
  • Tree nests

If you see any of these signs, a termite control professional can help you identify the reality of your infestation and the best path forward for termite prevention.

How to Get Rid of Termites

Termites can be a big problem and without professional help, it’s almost impossible to know the scope of an infestation. At Triple Guard Pest Control, we’re able to both identify the extent of your termite issues, including determining the entry point and the size of the colony, and to devise a customized treatment, making sure you have access to the care you need, no matter what you’re up against. We’ve seen both large and small termite colonies do major damage to homes and businesses, so the sooner you make a call, the better.

With our help, the average termite treatment cost can be quite low, ensuring you get the help you need without breaking your budget. With the ability to perform a termite inspection Conyers GA can trust, we’ll always be able to tell you the state of your property. Contact us today for a customized quote!

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